About Me

Hi! I am a fourth-year Computer Science PhD candidate at National University of Singapore. I am advised by Dr. Roger Zimmermann and Dr. Soujanya Poria and supported by the President’s Graduate Fellowship, NUS.

My research is in Natural Language Processing, where I work towards improving Contextual and Multimodal Affective Computing. My work primarily spans across Emotion Recognition for Conversations, Multimodal Sentiment Analysis, and presently in Open-Domain Dialog Systems.

Previously, I completed my undergrads in Computer Science from NIT Warangal, India where I also received the Institute Gold Medal for best academic performance in the undergraduate course.

For more details, take a look at my resume


  • [Sept 2020]: 1 long paper accepted at NAACL 2021
  • [Sept 2020]: I will be joining Amazon Alexa AI as Applied Scientist Intern
  • [Sept 2020]: 1 long paper accepted at EMNLP 2020
  • [July 2020]: 1 long paper accepted at ACM MM 2020
  • [May 2020]: New opinion paper on the future of Sentiment Analysis Research Read here
  • [Mar 2020]: 1 long paper accepted at ACL 2020
  • [Oct 2019]: Served as Volunteer Chair at SSNLP 2019
  • [May 2019]: 2 long papers accepted at ACL 2019
  • [May 2019]: I have been awarded with the President's Graduate Fellowship, NUS
  • [Jan 2019]: Received Research Achievement Award at School of Computing, NUS
  • [Dec 2018]: Website admin for *SEM conference
  • [Nov 2018]: PC Member at NAACL 2019
  • [Oct 2018]: MELD: New dataset for multimodal sentiment analysis has been released. [source] [webpage]
  • [Oct 2018]: Our paper DialogueRNN has been accepted at AAAI 2019 (16% acceptance rate)
  • [Sept 2018]: Served as PC Member for AAAI 2019
  • [June 2018]: Our paper ICON accepted at EMNLP 2018
  • [May 2018]: Served as PC Member for EMNLP 2018
  • [May 2018]: Our paper CASCADE has been accepted at COLING 2018


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I am a member of Media Management Research Lab (NUS) and Deep Cognition and Language Research Lab (SUTD).